About Us

Welcome to KAKAOBONOR.SE, your premium source for high-quality cacao beans and cacao butter. At KAKAOBONOR.SE, we are passionate about bringing you the finest cacao products to elevate your culinary experiences.

Our Commitment: At the heart of KAKAOBONOR.SE is a commitment to quality and sustainability. We source only the best cacao beans from trusted farmers, ensuring that each product meets our stringent standards. We take pride in supporting ethical and environmentally-friendly practices, promoting a positive impact on both communities and the planet.

Exceptional Products: Indulge in the rich flavors and textures of our cacao beans and cacao butter, carefully curated and packaged in convenient 1kg packages. Whether you're a professional chef, a home baker, or simply a cacao enthusiast, our products are designed to meet your culinary needs, providing the perfect foundation for your creations.


  • Premium Quality: Our cacao products undergo rigorous quality checks to guarantee freshness and flavor.
  • Sustainable Sourcing: We prioritize ethical and sustainable sourcing practices, supporting farmers and preserving the environment.
  • Convenience: Our 1kg packages make it easy for you to incorporate our premium cacao beans and cacao butter into your recipes.

Join the KAKAOBONOR.SE Experience: Embark on a journey of taste and quality with KAKAOBONOR.SE. Whether you're a professional chef, a passionate home cook, or someone who simply appreciates the finest cacao products, we invite you to explore our collection and discover the richness that sets KAKAOBONOR.SE apart.

Indulge in excellence. Choose KAKAOBONOR.SE for your cacao cravings.