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Vanuatu Conventional (1KG)

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Vanuatu, Oceania. 

Vanuatu is an island nation in Oceania constituted by approximately 82 islands of volcanic origin. Of its total land surface (about 4,700 m²), it is estimated that only 9% is dedicated to agriculture. The islands are no stranger to natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes and in spite of this, cacao has survived since its  introduction in the late 1800’s. Nowadays cacao represents 1,7% of the total export economy of the island nation. Cacao production is primarily done by small farmers on the island. Cacao is grown on plots where Gliricida, along  with Erythrina (coral trees) and ice cream bean trees (also known as Cuaniquil or Guaba) are used for shade. A local organization of Christian schools supports the farmers.Their children attend these schools and the organization seeks to improve the opportunities for their families’ children. 

It is believed that the first cacao introduced to Vanuatu was an Amelonado variety from Papua New Guinea. After  its independence in 1980, the island nation began a program to grow and distribute clones spanning 72 genotypes. In the mid 90’s other clones were introduced from Trinidad, Peru, Ivory Coast as well as Mexican Criollo, Samoan Lafi and Venezuelan Porcelana.  

The beans present a profile of fresh acidity with a strong cacao base with slight fruitiness and SMOKEY!