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Indonesia Java A 80% Lightbreaking (1KG)

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Kalibaru, Jember and Masang, Java, Indonesia  

The state-owned company who produces this cocoa - PTPN XII – manages around 34 agricultural plantations with a total area of 80.000 hectares spread  throughout East Java. Of these plantations, 15 are used for cocoa cultivation. Other crops include rubber, coffee, sugarcane and tea. The objective of PTPN XII is to improve farming communities’ livelihoods. In addition to managing the  plantations, they also develop agrotourism as a value-adding business activity. Light breaking beans can be recognized by the light to medium brown colour of  the cotyledon when cut. It is known in the local market as Java A light breaking  and is offered as two types: 80% and 40%, indicating the percentage of light  beans in the mix.  

June – July (main crop) December – January (mid crop)  

Java A is a product of Trinitario-Criollo clones developed in the beginning of the  20th century and contain a strong Criollo presence.

The classification process to sort light breaking from dark breaking beans is very labour intensive. Three beans from each pod are cut to determine the percentage of light beans per pod. Once dark beans are separated from light  beans, they are fermented separately in wooden boxes during a four-day period. The beans are dried in the sun during drier periods and are artificially dried during the rainy season

Flavour profile
Light body with citrus acidity and strong flavours of leather, smoke and tobacco