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El Salvador Carrera Real (Single plantation) (1KG)

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Jiquilisco, Usulután, El Salvador 

Over 3,000 years ago, cacao was being grown and consumed by the Maya peoples in Mesoamerica. This region comprised the South of Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras and the western part of El Salvador. The Mayas perfected cultivation techniques and used cocoa to prepare a sacred ceremonial beverage and as a form of currency. By the time the Spaniards arrived in El Salvador, the  use and cultivation of cacao was generalized in the region. 100 years after their  arrival, cacao had almost disappeared completely from the landscape due to a  combination of poor cultivation methods, pests, disease and a radical decrease in population. This cocoa is grown by Hacienda San José Real de la Carrera, one of the biggest  privately-owned plantations in Central America, with an area of about 350  hectares. Hacienda San José also owns its own processing facilities in order to transform their cacao into semi processed products and chocolate.  

April - July (main) August - November (mid-crop) 

Local Acriollado varieties

Fermentation takes place in cascade-type wooden boxes. The pre-drying and  drying processes are done on wooden wooden drying beds during a total of 8 days

Flavour profile
Medium and elegant body with a high complexity: raisins, caramel, butter, green apple acidity and floral honey.