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How to make chocolate 

Homemade bean 2 bar 

Is it difficult to make chocolate at home ? No! Infact it is a lot easier then you may think. Here is a guide in 7 steps that will show you how to make your own bean to bar chocolate at home.The only thing you really need to not ware yourself out is a melangeur that you may find here. Good luck making your chocolate! 

Step 1
Choose and order your favorite bean on Wait for arrival and smell the fantastic beans. Do NOT taste a unroasted cacao bean because it may contain bacteria that is not good for your body.

Step 2

Spread out your beans on a tray and roast it in your home oven.Bean temperature should be around 110-140 degrees celcius when they are done. If you generalize the roasting profile you can roast like this: 110-120 is a low roast (more acidity) 120-130 medium roast (more flowery,fruity) 130-140 high roast or french roast (more chocolate, nutty) Take it out and let it cool down.

Step 3

Time to sort out the bad beans to get top quality. If they stick together, are black, super small and hard or white just throw them away.

Step 4

Put your beans on a table and use your rolling pin to crush the beans. You have successfully created nibs! 

Step 5

Use a hair dryer or your home built winnower to blow away the shells. You can blow the shells directly into a bag so you dont get it everywhere. Flip the bowl gently from time to time so that the shells end up on top and can fly away easier!

Step 6

Now you have done the hard work and it is time to put the nibs into the melangeur. Meassure your nibs and suger. Exampel: 700g nibs and 300g sugar = 1kg 70% chocolate.

Start the machine with some cacao nibs (never start it empty) alternate adding sugar and cacao nibs. It is important to listen to the machine engine not adding to much each time because this may cause the machine to stop. Patience! Better to add more times then destroying the machine. Use a heating pistol to keep the melangeur warm but do NOT aim it at the plastic because this will melt fast. Tighten the stones as hard as you can and let it run for about 16 hours. After this you can loosen up the stones and let it conch for as long as you want 0-72 hours. Taste the chocolate all the time and when you are happy stop the machine.

Step 7

Enjoy your fresh chocolate in pastery or temper it to mold chocolate cakes or bon bons. Now you are a chocolate maker and an important part of changing the chocolate industry! #Slavefreechocolate