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What is bean to bar and how do I make it ? 

Bean to bar is when the producer oversees the whole production chain, from buying beans to making the bar we eat and enjoy. When most people think about bean 2 bar they think about a small scale business, but there are some bigger makers out there as well. For us the most important part about making bean 2 bar is transparency. If you have nothing to hide you are probably doing this right. 

After the bean-to-bar-maker get the beans they have to start with the process, usually in this order: 

When you get the beans you have to take out the bad beans. It could be mouldy beans, or beans that has not been seperated in the fermentation stage or something else that is wrong with them. 

Roasting This is where you can set the flavour of the chocolate and seperate your chocolate from other peoples chocolate with their own roasting profile.

Cracking the beans is a must so you can get the cacao nibs to make chocolate. you can buy a cracker machine or just use a  roller.

Winnowing is when you seperate the cacao nibs from the husk and it can be done in many forms, you can use a hairdryer, a fan, a winnower machine or build your own. this is where the imagination is put to a test. 

You grind the cacao nibs to the right particle size and it should be 20-25 microns, and the best way to feel this is you dont have a lazer ingraved micron meter is to just taste the chocolate if you dont feel any particles when you put the chocolate in your mouth your chocolate is ready.

Most machines you buy can grind and conch.
Conching is another way to say you keep the chocolate in movement and it will get the chocolate complex. 
You can conch as long or as little as you want but it is usually not more then 36 hours (most I have seen on the market is 72 hours)

After this you have your home made choclate and it is time to make the chocolate bar by temper and mold the chocolate.

It sounds like a lot of hard work and it is but as long as you have some time, an oven and a grinder of some kind you are good. It is a fun and learning process that everyone should at try it to learn and understand how much time and effort people put down on their chocolate.

What should I put in my bean 2 bar?
The short answer to that is what you want, but when you think of bean 2 bar you think of the clean process with just bean and sugar of some kind, and maybe some cacao butter added. That’s it. Let the bean speak for itself.